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We support churches and organizations to transform the way they lead and build strong, lasting teams.



Prepare your organization’s leaders and staff members to guide your church towards glory and truth.



Receive the tools you need to heal, grow, and align with the goals and vision of a healthy church.



Reap the benefits of a successful search when we connect you with the right leader for your context.

Context is everything

Building healthy relationships between pastors and their elders, providing healthy accountability for leaders, finding a pastor that wants to stay in your community. To do these things well you need to know the community, the history, and have a passion for growth.

In this rapidly changing world, context is everything.


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Christian leaders for a rapidly changing world

There has never been a more complex time to lead a church. The world is changing and our problems are, too. Cultural upheaval, a global pandemic, and rapid secularization have radically altered the church landscape. Across the country, churches are down 40-60%. 

We see an enormous need for new solutions to meet the challenges of the moment. So we put together a guide with six strategies to help ministry leaders. 

So we created a resource that addresses many of the issues we know leaders from across the country are wrestling with. Download our guide today to equip yourself and your ministry for the future.


The leadership skills seminary didn’t teach

Our coaching options address your organization’s unique needs. We prepare leaders and individuals to guide your church to overcome challenges and fill pastoral gaps.


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Partnering with you to do fruitful work

We walk alongside your staff and leadership and provide the guidance and tools to heal, grow, and align your organization with the goals and vision of a healthy church.


We Help Churches Find Leaders

Ministry is about calling, theology, and culture fit. Our process is backed by decades of experience and a proven, data-driven strategy to make searches successful.

We come alongside you

At Context Leadership Group, we partner with your church or organization to help you find the right leader. And we’ll give you framework and information or make changes so your church thrives.